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My name is Dean James. Reversed first and last name from that big actor a “few” years back. He was a great actor.

I am a professional voice over artist with years of success, and years younger than the other Dean! I'm having a great time in huge markets, as well as markets of all sizes) with awesome companies like Microsoft, Whirlpool, BP, Wells Fargo, Boston University and The Home Depot to name a few, as well as customers around the world! My projects include clients in Canada, Italy, England, Germany, Sweden and Denmark to name just a few.

I understand what is needed. It’ so much more than just a voice. You want a voice actor that works to understand and thoughtfully narrate the script with meaning.

My Demos and Brands I’ve Worked With are just below.

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deanjamesvo@gmail.com (more info below)


My Demos

Brands I’ve Worked With


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A voice for your project is a big deal for you. My voice for your project is a big deal for me. When we work together, feel good about knowing you are working with a pro talent with a pro set up.

I’m talkin’ a voice booth with a Sennheiser series of mics, Adobe Audition, Focusrite, dbx processing, JK Audio Phone Interface, Source Connect, Skype and other goodies.

Does it sound like I could work for you? Fill out the form to the right or feel free to email me at deanjamesvo@gmail.com.

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